My background is in drawing, with a deep love for all design and things made from wood.
When I was in college I wanted to design and build furniture. Like the clay I loved to work with, it is bulky and heavy and we had a tendency to move a lot! So I stuck with drawing and flat things I could carry. Fast forward about 20 years and a whole lot of experience living and working in different places.

The studio started with a curiosity about relief printmaking and after teaching linoleum printing briefly in China with no real experience. I wanted to really delve into it when I returned home. Printing moved from the kitchen table to a small etching press and then another larger press, until we are at our current size.
We can imagine prints up to 36 x 54 inches if you have the desire.
As equipment is always a concern for printmakers, this studio was designed to be shared and shared a lot!

phone: 321-961-1650