Open Press

Group Press and Carving Time--minimal instruction.
3 etching presses, ranging from 13 to 36 inches in width. Plus an antique Vandercook proofing press. No shortage of friendly artists.

Printmakers share press time and ideas. Very easy, inexpensive way to have a great time making prints.
Tuesdays 10-1 pm
Tuesdays 6-9 pm

15.00 each 3 hour block or 50.00 a month for 3-5 visits.

Current times available: Tuesday morning 10-1.
Tuesday evening 4-8, Wednesday evening 4-8. (4-7 or 5-8)

Call for more information: 321-961-1650
or email:

*New students must complete an introductory 2 hour class on press and studio use.