What's After Busy?

I've always needed something to put a fire under me to prepare and make art.
It might be an event to show or an open call to somewhere new. It has never been, can I make this stuff to sell? It's always been about the idea I want to see on paper or fabric.

A few years ago it was Little/Big Print, where my studio group introduced steam roller printing to Lake county. That was fun for a while. Now everyone is doing it so time to do something new. It is very fun and educational to watch though.

The studio continues to have new students now and then.
Workshops still go on, though I've made the decision to offer them independently from other organizations. If you find something you would like to take and the times don't work, you can call me and I will make it work for you.

Getting out and seeing the world seems to be rising in my hunger for ideas and change. We are in that special time of life where we know today we can do things we didn't have time to do when we working at stiff jobs and raising kids.

Travel has always given me renewed energy and lots of reference material for prints, if you followed my titles at all you will see that.

I have wonderful artists using the presses that I am so happy to know. They bring important energy to our space and in a very short time become good friends. The studio is open four days a week, Monday--Thursday for group use. Most workshops are on Saturday. If you have gotten this far on the blog you are welcome to come and work with me or just share a cup of coffee. Just make sure to call first in case we are out hiking!