Falling Again

We have our busy times and our slow motion times.Summer tends to be the latter. Fall is here now, as I did not publish this in the summer as intended. We have people carving large woodcuts, printing t-shirts, making mono-prints, carving small plates for greeting cards.
There are new members to the studio who keep us enthused and excited for Open Press Group meetings to happen each week.
Recently a couple of us joined in with the newly renamed, Central Florida Printmakers. Formerly known as Seminole County Printmakers. Many of us were not from Seminole so it made sense to broaden our scope to include all of the area.
More Open Press members will arrive in a few months and the studio will be buzzing with activity. With new workshops scheduled for October, November and December new faces will hopefully find their way to the studio.
I'm really looking forward to the outside cooling off as well.
Stay cool, and drop by for a visit any time. Just call 321-961-1650.