A Feeling of Elevation

I've been making art a long time, a very long time. I've shown my art in several local, and a few national shows. I have felt very lucky every time to be a participant.

To see your own work fill an entire gallery is a whole different kind of feeling. It doesn't matter where it's happening, but for me its happening in Mount Dora right now. This is the little town I grew up in.

I have so much thanks for the people who have watched my printmaking practice grow and have nurtured it with their kind words and support.

When you pull a print and first determine that its frame worthy, it gets dressed up and is ready to be presented to anyone who will take the time to look.

Having a solo exhibit is like Cinderella at the ball. It feels like a dream and you hope everyone you know will come. Just like Cinderella though you know that all too soon the show will be over. Of course there is always the hope of more shows, but one can never assume.

I am encouraged by the people who come and work in the studio and those that just come to understand what we are about.